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In order to prioritise measures, we will map SKAGEN's emissions and set goals to minimise our climate impact. Photo: Pixabay

As a fund manager, our biggest climate impact is indirectly through the funds' investments, but we also want our company to have the smallest footprint possible. We are now working to identify and improve the areas where we can reduce our climate footprint. This will be central to SKAGEN's sustainability strategy in the future.

During 2020, we will conduct a review of our CO2 emissions to define what steps we will take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We also revise our travel guidelines to promote and adapt to more environmentally friendly travel.

Important measures:

  • Environmental supplements to our travel guidelines
  • Less consumption of red meat and minimal food waste
  • Discontinue all use of disposable plastic items at the head office
  • Reduce the use of plastic waste bags by about 10,000 per year
  • Only use certified cleaning products to ensure that no harmful substances enter the water supply

Although these measures may seem small, we believe that they are an important step towards a faster change in culture and behaviour that will lead to greater changes ahead.

SKAGEN has committed to joining the collective global effort to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In September 2020, we decided to initiate annual carbon audits and the first reports are now ready.


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