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Why choose SKAGEN?

As an active and independent fund manager, we provide only a few carefully selected funds – that we ourselves invest in. We seek overlooked companies from around the world that can provide our clients with excess returns over time. Choose a fund manager who puts quality ahead of quantity. 

Global Stock MarketsInvestment Philosophy
CIO Update: A Rollercoaster Year
15 January 2021

Like society at large, 2020 was a strange and often difficult year for investors. Nonetheless, the wide dispersion in returns between sectors and stocks in 2020 should bode well for active managers like SKAGEN.

News from skagen
Distribution of new units in fixed income funds
5 January 2021

New units have been distributed to unit holders in SKAGEN's fixed income funds based on their holdings as of 31 December 2020.

News from skagen
Update to fund pricing policy
22 December 2020

SKAGEN's trading calendar to be modified from 2021

Global Stock MarketsCoronavirusSustainability
CEO update: An odd year
18 December 2020

As this extraordinary year draws to a close, we reflect on what we have learned. While the pandemic ...

New Year's ConferenceSustainability
Optimistic sustainability guru: Mike Berners-Lee
17 December 2020

He is the climate expert who has garnered fame through his books "How Bad are Bananas?" and "There ...

New Year's Conference
One of the world's leading bank economists to speak at our New Year's Conference
17 December 2020

Torsten Slok spent many years at Deutsche Bank before recently being appointed chief economist at ...

New Year's ConferenceChina
Monica Hsiao: Asian credit market is rife with opportunities
14 December 2020

Our New Year's Conference speaker Monica Hsiao, CIO of Triada Capital, believes that China still ...

New Year's Conference
Elite Division: Catherine L. Mann
9 December 2020

The world-renowned economist and researcher Dr. Catherine L. Mann has a long and impressive track ...

New Year's ConferenceEmerging Markets
Mark Mobius: full-time nomad
2 December 2020

The emerging markets pioneer who advocates ESG as the next frontier will be speaking at SKAGEN's ...

Investment PhilosophyCoronavirus
Value investing: the big reset
27 November 2020

Following a decade in the wilderness, value investors like ourselves may finally be witnessing the ...

New Year's Conference
Nassim Nicholas Taleb: Dealing with the unexpected
23 November 2020

Nassim Nicholas Taleb made his fortune by holding a steady course through unpredictable financial ...

New Year's Conference
Best-selling author Michael Lewis to speak at SKAGEN's New Year's Conference
20 November 2020

Few people are better equipped to write the contemporary history of the financial world, or to ...

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Investing sustainably is essential in order to achieve the best possible risk-adjusted returns for our clients. Our sustainability strategy is built upon three main pillars:

  1. We exclude a range of non-sustainable products, businesses and activities.
  2. Sustainability is an integrated part of the investment process. We reward companies that provide sustainable solutions.
  3. Through direct dialogue with companies and voting at general meetings, we can positively influence companies behaviour over the long term.
Read more about sustainability in the funds
A Skagen painting of Hardanger
Holger Drachmann, Sørfjord. Hardanger, 1886. This painting is manipulated and belongs to The Art Museums of Skagen.

Historical returns are no guarantee for future returns. Future returns will depend, inter alia, on market developments, the fund manager's skill, the fund's risk profile and management fees. The return may become negative as a result of negative price developments.